affirmation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
affirmation meaning in tamil is உறுதிப்படுத்தல்

affirmation meaning in tamil with example

affirmation tamil meaning and more example for affirmation will be given in tamil.
The Haryana Governor A.R.Kidwai on Monday administered the oath of affirmation to Narinder Kumar Sud retired Judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court as the Lok Ayukta of Haryana at a simple ceremony here. First on the agenda was the oath of affirmation for the new members in the language of their choice. There was no dramatic slide certainly no spineless capitulation merely affirmation that the current team hasnt got the resources to win a Test in India. Advani said Fridays blasts belied the affirmation by the UPA Government that terrorism has been contained. Mr. But what made Chandra different was his head full of ideas and an undying affirmation of innovation. A sevenyear stint at Wipro Technologies followed. The shower of gold that followed is an affirmation of Gods grace that is always present in the attitude of selflessness devoid of any selfinterest said Sri B. Four months after the Mahant and the Mufti joined hands in an affirmation of HinduMuslim solidarity the tentative reaching out has flowered into a movement the impact of which is plain to see. The most spectacular yield of the recent affirmation of communal harmony is undoubtedly the Muslim effort at introspection. Contrary to the MCH Commissioner Sanjay Jajus affirmation a couple of months back that road recarpeting works would be taken up only in November when the rains abate there seems to be no sight of fresh tar anywhere barring a few stretches. This BAFTA nomination is yet another affirmation of the fact that Rang De Basanti is a film that transcends all boundaries of ethnicity and nationality and appeals to the basic humanity in all of us says Ronnie Screwvala CEO of UTV that produced the film.