affect meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
affect meaning in tamil is பாதித்தல்

affect meaning in tamil with example

affect tamil meaning and more example for affect will be given in tamil.
If VAT was not introduced Tamil Nadu would be isolated and industrial growth and revenue collection would come down drastically which would affect the exchequer and economy of the State. So far five such importers have been arrested in Delhi the sources said without divulging their names and other details lest it should affect the investigations. It is unfortunate that the BJP continues to allow the RSS to dictate its functioning little realising that this will severely affect its chances of staging a comeback. Even a woman on birth control pills for some years can later stop them and conceive within a cycle or two... initial contraception does not affect fertility later if the couple is young and healthy she says. Singh noted that the arrangements were so made that it did not affect revellers and at the same time curbed violations. If the armament manufacturers and dealers encouraged terrorism disturbing the peace of the world drug manufacturers troubled the people by providing them various medicine that affect the body structure he said. It is a holistic medicine unlike in Allopathy where every part of the body needs to be attended to separately and also requires different varieties of drugs that negatively affect an individual. Though some sections opposed the Mandal Commission recommendations in 1990 it had been proved with adequate statistical data that reservation would not affect merit or academic excellence of students he said. The petitioner pointed out that if it were closed down it would affect the pig farmers who were dependent on the centre.