admiration meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
admiration meaning in tamil is வியப்பு, ஆச்சரியம், கொண்டாடுதல்

admiration meaning in tamil with example

admiration tamil meaning and more example for admiration will be given in tamil.
Despite its claims to internal democracy the BJP has always depended on an authoritarian figure issuing commands and the rank and file of the party in turn has rendered unquestioned loyalty and admiration to its leaders. As it was carried in the next issue of Arjuna in the most befitting manner it won the admiration of every reader. Yet one cannot help feeling an instant admiration for his talent when he imitated the mannerisms and style of Rajnikanth. His assessment of the situation was outstanding. Attaining a new level He could not hide his admiration for Yuvraj Singhs knock either. Later interacting with mediapersons the Queen expressed her admiration for the lush greenery of Kerala and its capital city. We have great respect and admiration for the Iranian people with whom our fraternal ties go back several millennia. This mutual understanding and admiration for one another in a game situation is any teams recipe to become a cohesive unit. In fact as harbingers of death that ghoulishly wait for animals to breathe their last and gorge themselves on the carcass they are more likely to repel than win admiration and affection. Jayalalithaa expressed her warmth and admiration for film personalities particularly the artists of yesteryear by referring to their role in the growth of Tamil cinema. That the fear and distrust with which many used to regard China is being replaced with admiration is evident from the changed attitudes in India alone where it is increasingly touted as an opportunity rather than as a threat.