adequate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
adequate meaning in tamil is போதுமான, தகுந்த

adequate meaning in tamil with example

adequate tamil meaning and more example for adequate will be given in tamil.
Now the Animal Husbandry Department had adequate stocks of vaccine and it should be supplied to farmers. Secretary of Tamilaga Vivasayeegal Sangam Munusamy complained that for want of adequate bus service the tribal people of Burgur Thattakarai Madam and other areas had to travel on top of buses to reach Anthiyur shandy every Monday and Tuesday. The most popular screen size is 7 inches 18 cm and this is adequate for good viewing with the player placed on the lap. The Kerala State Private Devaswom Employees Federation has called upon the State Government to ensure adequate reservation for private Devaswom employees in recruitments to Travancore and Malabar Devaswom Boards. The police are making adequate bandobust arrangements for the festive season despite some of them being drafted for special duties at Amaravathi Guntur district and Hyderabad. He said that floriculture activity was rampant with those who wanted to establish ventures searching for suitable locations with adequate water supply and soil conditions. The general feeling within the Congress party is that if the split has to be done it should take place in early 2006 so that there is adequate time to reconstitute the new civic bodies and hold elections to them in 2007. He also pointed out that adequate land be provided for bus terminals along the proposed Outer Ring Road. If it is done in an organised manner then each pile will have adequate time to turn into compost before it is used again says Ramakrishnan who lives opposite one such dumping zone.