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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ad meaning in tamil is செய்தித்தாள் விளம்பரம்

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ad tamil meaning and more example for ad will be given in tamil.
The team was also able to trace literary and epigraphical references of 9 AD to 12 AD vintage to a fort and port at Vizhinjam. Justice Kumar said ad hoc appointments were de hors the act and rules and the executive power could be used to fill in the gaps and such power should not be used to supplant the law but only to supplement the law. There is even today no dearth of such talent and such ad hoc appointments are an insult to the fivecrore people of Karnataka. Will it be a largely unconstrained role based on shifting ad hoc coalitions with no permanent friends or allies. The Readers Editor should be available to report on an ad hoc basis to the EditorinChief and to these other groupings. Is it to simply legitimise its control over the broadcasting sector that has been allotted to it on an ad hoc basis or is there a more altruistic motive. Speaking at the launch Aamir was quick to point out the similarity between his recent coke ad that propagated the idea of Piyo sar utha ke and the central theme of the film. There is no question that Googles ad system is still a runaway success but with click fraud on the radar it is a good time to be exploring new revenue streams. The consumer protection agency has proposed that the current ad valorem duty structure on oil products should be replaced with a specific one. Iyer pointed out the astonishing deficiency that some High Courts do not have Chief Justices for ad hoc spans with senior judges in charge. He noted that Kerala had no fulltime Chief Justice for ten days.