acute meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
acute meaning in tamil is கூர்மையான, கூர்மையான புத்தியுடைய

acute meaning in tamil with example

acute tamil meaning and more example for acute will be given in tamil.
The association said that they were making the demand in view of the acute unemployment problems faced by the State. Several councillors had suggested new projects for the city which has been experiencing an acute water shortage. Samiti activists said though the discoloration had become acute from Saturday evening it had started more than two weeks ago. In this connection the Parthies brought to the notice of the visiting guests the acute drinking water problem which they were facing. As a result the persons without agrarian background and those representing upland areas reeling under acute fodder and water scarcity were chosen for distribution of the animals he added. Potable water supply in the Thanthoni Municipality facing acute water shortage is all set to improve with increased supply facilities being put in place at a cost of Rs. Shanta regretted that ignoring academic merit had resulted in acute shortage of seats particularly in professional education and led to mushrooming of selffinancing institutions. Promising good news for air passengers who have suffered for hours circling over the city because of acute air congestion the new initiative will greatly increase the aircraft handling capacity at the two airports. As vaccine shortage is acute in the hospitals in the periphery also all cases of dog bites in the district are now turning up at General Hospital where over 150 cases are being attended to daily. Over crowding of prisoners acute shortage of staff lack of modern facilities noncooperation of the police in escorting prisoners and interference of politicians have been cited as reasons for this predicament.