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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
activities meaning in tamil is கிரியைகள்

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Various conservation and forest protection activities will be taken up at an estimated cost of Rs.1 crores in the district to increase forest cover with the participation of people Minister for Transport and PowerR .Viswanathan has said. Most of the highgrowth rural nonfarm sector activities in the district are found functioning on cluster basis confined to the particular areas and particular community. Monkey doll making from the unhusked coconut and handicrafts items from the coconut shell or the wood are two major activities in the cluster. The Horticulture Department will execute the National Horticulture Movement scheme at an estimated cost of Rs. 3.68 crores to accelerate the growth of horticulture activities in the district this year. The Social Welfare Minister Vijayalakshmi Palanichamy inspected improvement activities taken up by the Salem Corporation at the Panamarathupatti Lake near here on Saturday. He criticised the Pakistan establishments silence over the activities of terror outfits in that country.You still have chiefs of terrorist outfits moving about freely across the border he said. Islamabad was indifferent to the activities of jehadi groups which have a direct fallout on Jammu and Kashmir. The proposal was to extend loans to three or four activities pertaining to agriculture and allied fields in the cottage and village industries and in the area of handicrafts. I stayed with the Kodava people for nearly a week to explore the activities of Coorgs and Tuluspeaking community whose practices are similar to that of the Zulus with respect to ancestral worship. But that was not only his agenda in India.