acre meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
acre meaning in tamil is ஏக்கர் நிலஅலவை

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95000 per acre for dry lands and Rs. 1.3 lakhs per acre for land with fruit orchards with irrigation facility. The district administration has to acquire nine acres of paddyfield and one acre of coconut grove for construction of checkdam. Registration charges collected through the sale of 1.2 acre to the NABARD will be utilised for the construction of the bhavan. It will be on a turnkey basis he said. On learning about the death the victims relatives arrived from Krishna district and complained to police that they gave in Rs. 1.10 lakh 40 tolas gold and one acre of land towards dowry at the time of marriage. The high prices were detrimental to public interest involving lakhs of farmers with one packet containing 450 grams being sufficient only for half an acre as the recommended seed rate is 750 gram to one kilograme per acre. But when the third point on whether the 6 metre diametre tunnel and 2.5 m diametre delivery main proposed by the contractor was sufficient to draw 5000 cusecs discharge required from 3.4 lakh acre ayacut came up it generated a lot of heat. Palanisamy one of the farmers though 500 to 1000 farmers in and around Avinashi are into cotton cultivation they have just an acre or two under this crop. Already several ryots have volunteered to give their land by accepting Rs.3 lakhs per acre offered by the ONGC during the arbitration. It has been finalised to pay a compensation of Rs.3.5 lakh per acre of land coming in the city limits Rs.2.5 lakh per acre in Askihal village Rs.2 lakh per acre in Yeklaspur and Yermarus villages and Rs.1.5 lakh per acre in Manslapur village.