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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
acquire meaning in tamil is அகப்படு, வாங்கு

acquire meaning in tamil with example

acquire tamil meaning and more example for acquire will be given in tamil.
There is that kind of knowledge that one can acquire with ones efforts 151 the knowledge gained by the use of Godgiven faculties such as senses intellect etc. It is not even that he was totally without faults and flaws yet he remained the only leader from the Right of the political spectrum to acquire an allIndia persona. The district administration has to acquire nine acres of paddyfield and one acre of coconut grove for construction of checkdam. In order to acquire private land on the outskirts of the town the ESIC has to pay the deposit first. Jewellery exporter SBT International Ltd on Monday said that it would acquire 100 per cent stake of Mimansa Jewellery Pvt. Fernandes said only when cities acquire the financial means of hosting such sports meet can they be held regularly. According to the CSD the tribals had been fighting for more than three years against attempts to acquire their land for a steel plant 151 initially for the Simplex Corporation and now for Tata Steel. The BMTC shed and the Truck Terminal were to come up on the left side of the National Highway 7 towards Devanahalli but the BDA has planned to acquire 84.28 acres on the right side of the highway causing inconvenience to the 2000 residential sites planned there 500 houses have already come up. In what is seen as a first step towards its maiden overseas acquisition the company has penned a letter of intent with the Rhodia Group of France to acquire the pharmaceutical customs synthesis business of Rhodia Pharma Solutions RPS.