ache meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ache meaning in tamil is வலி, நோவு

ache meaning in tamil with example

ache tamil meaning and more example for ache will be given in tamil.
Speaking on the occasion of the RSI Day observed the world over on February 28 he said software professionals were more prone than anyone else to muscle imbalance body ache and stress related to working endlessly and adopting the wrong posture as they sit at the monitor. The worst affected are children old people and those with low immunity. The most common symptoms of viral fever include lowgrade fever cough cold and body ache and the infection spreads mostly through droplet infection. Samples collected The outbreak had resulted in the large number of villagers falling sick with viral fever and complaining of severe joint pains body ache and acute weakness. At around 8.15 p.m. when the vehicle had left the city limits the girl complained of stomach ache and Mr. The former organiser and her two assistants were suspended on Tuesday when 27 children with complaints of vomiting and stomach ache were admitted to the Government Stanley Medical Hospital. One of them told reporters that people visiting his clinic with joint ache and high fever was on the rise in the past ten days. Gunasekharan 50 of Melpatti Road lodged a complaint that medicines given to him by the doctor to treat stomach ache caused diarrhoea. Those with complaints such as joint pain spinalchord ache and back ache who witnessed the yogasana were the largest beneficiaries. At a camp organised by the Kancheepuram north unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party and Hindu Mission Hospital Tambaram at Nanmangalam near here on Thursday more than 150 people have arrived with severe fever body ache and knee joint pains.