accuse meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
accuse meaning in tamil is குற்றம் சாட்டு

accuse meaning in tamil with example

accuse tamil meaning and more example for accuse will be given in tamil.
The Islamists recalling his defence of Salman Rushdie after Ayatollah Khomeinis fatwa accuse him of blasphemy. Maarla said although he cannot accuse the officials of corruption the delay in processing such applications is unacceptable. For the second Sunday in a row Russian state television showed a lengthy heavily publicised documentary about the socalled spyrock incident in which Russian security services accuse four British diplomats of running a hitech spy ring using a transmitter hidden in a rock. Rasheed Chennai Some sections generalise and accuse public sector workers of being lazy corrupt and inefficient. Environmental associations accuse the Government of lying and put the amount of asbestos at between 500 and 1000 tonnes most of it removable. Kumars plan if executed is likely to be criticised by environmental groups who accuse the authorities of failing to protect the archipelagos five aboriginal groups who have lived on the island cluster for 60000 years. In an article in the next edition of the bimonthly journal Foreign Affairs Paul Pillar has become the highestranking CIA official from the prewar period to accuse the White House of manipulating the intelligence on Iraqs alleged weapons of mass destruction. What hurts us most is that instead of finding a solution some civic officials accuse us of burning the waste. The rebels claim to be fighting for local control of oil by inhabitants of the impoverishe delta who accuse joint ventures operated by the Nigerian state and Western oil companies of cheating them out of the wealth pumped from their backyards.