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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
accurate meaning in tamil is துல்லிதமான

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Totally encrypted communication data upgradation of tactical forces and a very accurate surveillance system which enables realtime communication were the other important elements of the roadmap as future battles would be fast acting and of short duration. Mr Lakshmaiah said the revenue administration had become so chaotic in villages now that there was no accurate data on matters relating to the crop pattern and ownership and management of land which all resulted in land disputes leading to breakdown of law and order. Lenin with their accurate marksmanship garnered 231 points to finish ahead of Gurunanak Dev and Ranchi. Vidyasagar Rao has launched padayatra from Undeda village to Velgatoor mandal demanding that the Government provide proper and accurate compensation to land oustees of the Sripada sagar Yellampalli project in the district. For Sri Lanka Muttiah Muralitharan took two for 35 with probing offspin and Nuwan Kulasekara two for 32 with accurate medium pace. He suggests that using local bodies in data collection will help because they levy a nominal charge as industrial tax on units in their jurisdiction and will maintain near accurate figures. But to broadly date it to the 10th Century would be a more accurate assessment owing to the lack of inscriptional evidence. The new model is built on a doubleentry system that eliminates bookkeeping errors and gives an accurate picture of the financial position of the local body. His global Gaullism the notion that the world has several power centres and it is no longer just the west versus the rest offers a more accurate picture than the image of the lone cowboy acting in the name of us all.