accumulation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
accumulation meaning in tamil is பணவிருத்தி, சேகரம்

accumulation meaning in tamil with example

accumulation tamil meaning and more example for accumulation will be given in tamil.
But when Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan lobbed a ball that stopped on him to midoff Badrinath strode in to begin a phase of accumulation without frills. His ward as well as ward numbers 4 and 10 suffered on account of the accumulation of the hospitals waste materials. South Africa went 23 overs between the 13th and 36th overs without hitting a boundary but Dippenaars steady accumulation and Gibbs sprightly innings of 65 balls lifted the run rate. Several complaints have come from residents in different areas cleared by both that garbage accumulation was crossing acceptable limits. The organisers are forced to shift the venue 50 to 100 metres downstream of its previous location owing to accumulation of mud and clay and largescale erosion of sand every year. The Municipal authorities often undertake mass cleaning programmes to clear accumulation of garbage on the streets by deploying all its 700odd sanitary workers. Reports also refer to the statutory audit report which mentions about accumulation of excess funds to the tune of over Rs. Since rats eat grains protected by insect killers rodents die in due course due to accumulation of poison in their body. With public health and sanitation counted as the most prominent municipal functions the Health committee becomes the target of public ire whenever there is an epidemic outbreak accumulation of garbage food poisoning or public health hazard. The argument Chinas growth stems from massive accumulation of resources while Indias growth comes from increasing efficiency.