accumulate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
accumulate meaning in tamil is குவி, பணம்)சேர், கொஞ்சமாக விருத்தி செய்

accumulate meaning in tamil with example

accumulate tamil meaning and more example for accumulate will be given in tamil.
Scientists have called for a relaxation of the rules because existing stem cell lines have been shown to accumulate genetic mutations. In Himachal Pradesh state capital Shimla where thousands of tourists had thronged on the new year day expecting to see snow had something to cheer about today even though the town received only 5.2 cm of snow until 230 pm which did not accumulate much the Met sources said. The Council also resolved to accumulate all the works withdrawn from the blacklisted contractors and award them in one package to major construction companies without calling for tenders. In industrial systems large quantities of animal wastes accumulate far from cropland where they could be safely recycled. Antibiotics used in aquaculture either for prophylactic or therapeutic purposes often accumulate in the tissue of aquatic animals. It is not uncommon to find high school students volunteering in community work in fact students often accumulate points for school grades. Narang scored 391 in prone 384 in standing and 382 in kneeling positions to accumulate 1157 points. According to one of the survivors the packed wooden boat began to list after it hit a wave causing heavy kitchen equipment including a refrigerator to fall and accumulate on one side of the vessel. Similarly members of Lufthansas frequent flyer programme Miles More can accumulate and redeem their miles on all flights operated by Jet Airways and avail themselves of Jets domestic and international network of 48 destinations.