accretion meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
accretion meaning in tamil is இயற்கையான வளர்ச்சி, சேர்மானம்

accretion meaning in tamil with example

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Nevertheless they are likely to be large enough in 200506 to fully bridge the current account deficit and leave a margin of 10.7 billion on top of that as net accretion to reserves the report said. Addressing a press conference here he said after five rounds the area under exploration had increased more than three times and reserve accretion had already been around 600 million tonnes and 5 billion of investment commitment had been received. Invisibles and workers remittances have been the other consistent performers but it is the FII flows 151 and through their role in forex reserves accretion 151 that have given policy makers confidence in the face of a mounting oil import bill. There is no doubt at all that the rapid accretion to forex reserves is among the major developments that have already propelled policy moves towards a more open capital account. The world we live in right now is an enormous accretion of an almost infinite number of decisions that have been made economic decisions ecological decisions social political pedagogical ideological. Marshall said while he did not expect a situation similar to that of Cyprus developing in Singapore following the failure of London talks he had no doubt that the immediate result would be the accretion of strength to the Communists. We have proposed building a structure perpendicular to the coast to arrest the sand movement and build up a zone of accretion where the sand will be deposited says Dr. New Digha will not need the wall as it is an accretion zone and enough sand is deposited by the waves according to Dr.