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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
accounts meaning in tamil is கணக்கிடுதல், காரணம் கூறு

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The net sown area accounts for 48 percent of the total geographical are which is more than the State average of 39.8 percent. The surge in Chinese exports was not expected by the Tirupur cluster which accounts for 70 per cent of the countrys total cotton knitwear exports. Narayanaswami said was in the process of identifying the villages where the accounts would be offered through its Rural Training Centres in Karaikudi Tirunelveli and Thanjavur. The NPPFI is as per RBIs decision to make available a basic banking No Frills account either with nil or very minimum balance as well as charges that would make such accounts accessible to a vast section of population. Karnataka is among the leading tobacco growers in the country and Mysore accounts for a lions share in the States tobacco production. The privatisation of power also came in for sharp criticism by the Public Accounts Committee of the Delhi Assembly headed by Congress MLA S.C. Vats although the loyalist MLAs did not allow finalisation of the report and its laying on the table of the House. It would appear that the amendment to these schemes bars fresh sale of National Savings Certificates but may not bar deposits in accounts already existing whether it be for Provident Fund or for other schemes where there is a running account opened before the amendment. ii It may however be noted that the above amendments shall not be applicable to the existing accounts opened in accordance with the rules in operation prior to the amendments dated May 13 2005.