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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
account meaning in tamil is கணக்கு

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On verification he found that a bundle of 532 ballot papers from a counting table had not been taken into account by oversight. Though the party came into being on December 26 1925 the council has decided to defer the anniversary celebrations on account of panchayat elections he said. There was a delay in implementing the decision on account of certain practical and technical difficulties the Chief Minister wrote. The idea he added was not to merely make the rural people open the account but to provide them with financial assistance to pursue gainful employment and encourage in them the concept of saving. The deposit in the account would be paid interest as applicable to the SB accounts which is 3.5 per cent now. Chakrabarty Chairman and Managing Director of Indian Bank handing over the pass book to an account holder in Mangalam village in Pondicherry on Friday. The NPPFI is as per RBIs decision to make available a basic banking No Frills account either with nil or very minimum balance as well as charges that would make such accounts accessible to a vast section of population. At a function held in Mangalam account books and general credit cards were handed over to the villagers. Councillor Ganesh Reddy wanted the authorities to give a detailed account of house tax arrears collected so far. As stipulated by the rules ordained by the world body of equestrian 151 FEI 151 the timings of the first round were taken into account to decide the third place. overdraft facility warehouse receiptbased financing jewel loans poultry farmer loans roaming current account savings account and insurance general and life.