accomplish meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
accomplish meaning in tamil is சாதனை புரி, நிறைவேற்று

accomplish meaning in tamil with example

accomplish tamil meaning and more example for accomplish will be given in tamil.
Vasan said they had done more for the State during a short period than what the AIADMK Government could accomplish in four years. If the aim is to ensure Iran has no undeclared nuclear activities 151 an urgent and laudable aim one might add 151 the best way to accomplish it is to ensure the continuation of IAEA inspections. It is with this in mind that Lord Krishna cited King Janaka and Himself as examples of those who engaged in action Karma yoga even though they had nothing to accomplish in the world. He gave the reason why He the Almighty who could accomplish anything by His mere will should perform action. There was also inevitable necessity to accomplish the plans and programmes drawn by the government before March end the closing month of the current annual plan. Playing the lead role in the Yakshagana Veera Vrushasena Prasanga he was successful in conveying the message to students that nothing is impossible for youth to achieve if there is a drive to accomplish a task. Bioethics education of students and citizens was required and practical examples of how to accomplish this would be explored. Several retired teachers are striving to boost their confidence and preparing them on how to accomplish the Herculian task of taking six question papers each in two public examinations. Parthasarathi Chennai For the U.S. India is nothing but an instrument to accomplish its agenda. To accomplish this aim they do not care about the wellbeing of the fellow men and use pesticides lavishly for production of foodstuffs.