accomplice meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
accomplice meaning in tamil is உடந்தையாளர்

accomplice meaning in tamil with example

accomplice tamil meaning and more example for accomplice will be given in tamil.
While the Narketpally police nabbed his accomplice a couple of hours later three others could manage to escape with the booty. Acting on a tipoff that a criminal from Mewat Yunis Khan and his accomplice would come to Najafgarh to commit robbery a Special Staff team laid a trap on SurakhpurNajafgarh Road near MitraonJharoda Kalan crossing and intercepted a Maruti car in which the suspects were moving. It was found that he along with his accomplice Sekhar 43 was transporting 1270 kg of rice illegally from Kazhugamalai to Kovilpatti. We have launched a hunt for the third accused Anil originally from Nepal who is Rams old accomplice and has been involved in burglary cases with him. According to press release here on Friday Vimal Bhandary of Kulai and his accomplice hired a car at a bus station here on January 1.They told the driver Jayaram Shettigar to take them to Kollur Kodyadka and other places. The accused and his accomplice Murugan were arrested and some of the stolen jewellery recovered by the police. Some of the other instructions include taking photographs of the child beggar and his accomplice and arranging witnesses with the help of voluntary organisations. An autorickshaw driver and his accomplice robbed a woman of a gold chain a mobile phone and a purse at knifepoint in Sanjaynagar police station limits on Wednesday the police said. In his discourse Sri R.Ramamurthy said the Lord became Sundarars accomplice when he wanted to marry Sangili Nacchiar after being happily wedded to Paravai Nacchiar.