accommodation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
accommodation meaning in tamil is வதிவிடம், தங்குமிடம்

accommodation meaning in tamil with example

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According to the Sathra Nirvahana Samiti leaders the Samiti also provided free accommodation to 7000 devotees who came to attend the weeklong religious retreat which began on December 25. For Saina for whom the BPCL has been taking care of the travel expenditure for the last eight months whenever she is abroad and accommodation and travel when she is competing in India there cannot be a more delightful development. The festival organisers said accommodation and food facilities had been arranged for the competitors. While accommodation would be provided free the colleges will be asked to sponsor the cost of food at the hostel mess. The Americans have been backing this move in the hope that political accommodation of the Sunnis who have been spearheading the armed resistance would result in a drop in violence thus allowing a sustained U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. The Bidar police are trying to get information about persons who arranged accommodation for Shahed from whom the two persons arrested in Hyderabad on Monday are believed to have got explosives in Bidar before the terrorist attack on the office of the Andhra Pradesh police task force on October 12. While officials incharge of accommodation were originally asked to block rooms for some 1800 participants the number fell sharply to 1250. Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh on Tuesday lodged a complaint with the Delhi Police saying that some miscreants purportedly belonging to the Youth Congress forcibly tried to enter his Lodhi Estate accommodation on Tuesday.