accept meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
accept meaning in tamil is ஏற்றுக்கொள்

accept meaning in tamil with example

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The new Conservative Party leader David Cameron has invoked the words of Mahatma Gandhi to rally his demoralised troops in his campaign to persuade the party to accept change. Putin last week to loan Ukraine 3.6 billion to cushion the shock of higher gas prices saying his country doesnt accept alms. Russian gas covers just over 30 per cent of Ukraines gas needs. Maybe its time for us to accept that the butterfly might never appear 151 it got stuck in the chrysalis after eating too much chocolates or its already here and its a huge disappointment a bashedup old moth with delusions of grandeur. He was not to be constrained by place or background did not accept that Tasmanians must lose or play defensively or had any reason to doff their caps. Like a bubble in the river being swept in the direction of the current as it does not resist it there will not be disappointments in life when man learns to surrender to God and accept the outcome as His grace. Ltd and the Luthra Group are capable of handling this extra tonnage of asbestos in a safe and scientific manner the question still remains as to why India should accept and bury such large quantities of toxic waste on its soil. Almost any scientific discovery has a potential for evil as well as for good its applications can be channelled either way depending on our personal and political choices we cant accept the benefits without also confronting the risks. The Collector instructed officials not to accept any declaration form without the signature of the MCH staff.