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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
accentuate meaning in tamil is முக்கியமாக்கு, அசையை அழுத்திச் சொல், ஊன்றிச் சொல்

accentuate meaning in tamil with example

accentuate tamil meaning and more example for accentuate will be given in tamil.
Narrators art Central to this narrative mode is a narrator who actively mediates between the reader and the subject of the novel drawing attention away from the tale to accentuate the way it is told. He noted that the media should not lose its balance while reporting natural and manmade disasters such as communal clashes as they would accentuate the problem. Moves for a national alternative The leadership of the SP and the TDP has launched another initiative that could accentuate the problems of the Congress at the national level. Unless it is properly managed and controlled diabetes can accentuate a persons health problems and can even claim the patients life. He pointed out already many command areas in the Cauvery basin in places such as Mysore Tumkur Hassan and tailend farmers were facing shortage of water and the report of the assessors reducing the requirement of water would accentuate it. These guys bowl in the region of 90mph and upwards and surely the constant pounding will accentuate injury Lara said. He also hit out at the State Governments Jalayagnam programme saying the projects in present form when completed would only accentuate the existing regional disparities. The booming sales in twowheelers and inadequate road infrastructure accentuate the citizens miseries. Formation of the School of Geosciences comprising the departments of Geology Geography and the Centre for Remote Sensing would accentuate the research activities in the university. The establishment of the plants would provide fuel for cooking purposes and thereby reduce the pressure on forests and accentuate social benefits.