accelerator meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
accelerator meaning in tamil is வேகச்செலுத்தி வேகமூட்டுவது அல்லது வேகமாக்குவோன், மோட்டாரின் வேகத்தை அதிகரிக்கும்

accelerator meaning in tamil with example

accelerator tamil meaning and more example for accelerator will be given in tamil.
Recalling the statement made by BJP leader Advani at Jaipur recently the AIKS leader said He said that the UPA vehicle will collapse as its steering is in Manmohan Singhs hands accelerator in Sonia Gandhis control and break in Prakash Karats control. For this to happen the country needs to preserve its independence in heavy water reactors fast breeders and accelerator driven systems. India needs to focus more on pure research in addition to giving emphasis to applied research such as Information Technology if major scientific breakthroughs are to be made in the future according to Rajendran Raja Indiaborn U.S. scientist of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Illinois. R.K. Bhandary Chairman Microtron Advanced Centre and Accelerator Technical Committee BRNS and Associate Director Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre Kolkata said it has been decided to upgrade facilities at the centre. In the valedictory function of the conference scientist from the InterUniversity Accelerator Centre Nuclear Science Centre New Delhi D.K. Avasthi delivered the special address. The machine was linked to a real accelerator of a bus and with every degree of pressing of the pedal the machine dispensed diesel into an open combustion chamber with a cylinder and piston. To provide initial torque for the bus to take off accelerator needs to be used but after attaining a certain speed and travelling some distance acceleration could be reduced to save fuel by taking advantage of the momentum produced by the mass and velocity of the bus points out Regional Manager G.