abyss meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abyss meaning in tamil is பாதாளம்

abyss meaning in tamil with example

abyss tamil meaning and more example for abyss will be given in tamil.
Its a fact thats been staring at us in the face but weve never really expressed it properly one of the most important things about fish biology in the abyss is that there are no sharks down there said Prof. Financial abyss The Wayanad women widowed by the suicides of their husbands have come together under the banner of Vidhava Agathi Munnettam Widows and Destitutes Movement. For decades the Government machinery has done precious little to extricate them from the social and economic abyss they find themselves in. The wellresearched superbly designed and tailormade Asian Development Bank ADB projects were supposed to spur development and transform their lives pulling them out of the abyss of poverty illiteracy and ignorance. Human birth is in the order of materiality Prakriti and man has the potential to either culture his mind Sattvic and evolve spiritually or fall into the abyss of beastliness by succumbing to Tamas. After the nonetooimpressive showing at the World Cup qualifier Pakistan is in an abyss of selfdoubt and low on esteem.