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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abuser meaning in tamil is குற்றச் செயலில் ஈடுபட்டவன், குற்றவாளி

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Her sister Mary OBeirne said The anger and frustration we feel at seeing our father branded worldwide as a horrific abuser is indescribable. If found guilty the abuser can be sentenced to a year of imprisonment and fined an amount of Rs.20000 the Act says. The Act covers those women who are related to the abuser by way of marriage or who have been in a livein relationship with him. Even those women who are sisters widows mothers single women living with the abuser are entitled for protection under the Act. She also suggested that the POs be directed to make an inventory of the womens belongings in the house she shared with the abuser so that she could easily claim them later. Shocking as it may be the abuser is not necessarily a stranger he is in fact most likely to be a member of the family or a close friend of the family who methodically exploits the trust placed in him.