abundant meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abundant meaning in tamil is ஏராளமான, அபரிமிதமான

abundant meaning in tamil with example

abundant tamil meaning and more example for abundant will be given in tamil.
Ramadoss said the Tamil dictum that giving up the obsolete and adopting new things always gave abundant hope to the people. In view of recent heavy rain tanks and reservoirs in the areas are filled to the brim resulting in abundant availability of fish and other types of food for the birds in the sanctuaries. India possessed the requisite technology and the two countries had abundant resources and hence the proposal should be mutually beneficial the Minister said and added that it would be the first gold mining operation by India in a foreign country. Sami told reporters at the agitation camp near Mulumudi bus stand here on Friday that while the country has become one of the dynamic nations of the world with sound economy and abundant foreign exchange reserves around 25 crore Muslims are suffering a lot due to economic imbalance. But this year cattle growers have returned to their native villages along with the cattle because of abundant grazing fields near their doorsteps. Kodagu had abundant natural water resources which could be tapped by building check dams to augment water. I sincerely feel we should sink our narrow differences and work in unison for a bright future commensurate with the abundant human potential this beautiful State is endowed with. Kerala is on the takeoff stage for allround development. Helium3 is a highly promising fuel for thermonuclear reactors which is extremely scarce on Earth and abundant on the Moon. Here is an opportunity for you students to make use of your abundant potential and energy for changing the lifestyle of the common man.