absurd meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
absurd meaning in tamil is காரண காரியத் தொடர்பற்ற, அசட்டுத்தனமான, அபத்தமான

absurd meaning in tamil with example

absurd tamil meaning and more example for absurd will be given in tamil.
Europeans had stopped talking about the absurd notion of the EU acting as a counterweight to the U.S. Both the U.S. and Europe were in a chastened mood today realising that they were wed together in a longterm marriage with no possibility of separation or divorce. Mr. It cannot be overemphasised that the purpose of law is to enforce rational behaviour and to penalise breach rather than to legitimise the absurd and the irrational. He said it was absurd to ask farmers reeling under drought during the last few years to remit the principal amount borrowed from the banks within a short period to avail themselves of the interest waiver. This was an absurd claim as it was like taking man back to the stage of apes because West Bengal lagged far behind Kerala in all respects. As if the earlier experience was not enough some of the electronic media personnel thrust the mike and asked him what seemed the most absurd question. Will it not be absurd to allow noncitizens who have the support of local voters to contest and win elections to the legislatures of Nagaland or Jammu and Kashmir. Such rules are so absurd and intrusive that they are incapable of being implemented and will only bring in the licence raj in dog breeding and control the natural happy life of a dog in a home Mr. The idea might sound absurd but according to a recent survey 40 per cent of British Muslims want Sharia introduced in predominantly Muslim areas of the United Kingdom. Asking the Congress to clarify its stand was absurd as it never opposed the concept of smaller States.