absorbed meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
absorbed meaning in tamil is அகத்துறிஞ்சப்பட்டது

absorbed meaning in tamil with example

absorbed tamil meaning and more example for absorbed will be given in tamil.
The rupee weakened against the U.S. currency on Tuesday adjusting to a downward correction and arrested a fivesession long smart rally as sustained strong foreign institutional investment inflows absorbed dollar demand from oil corporates and staterun banks reducing losses to the minimum. About 500 youths were absorbed for employment by IT companies in the job fair organised in collaboration with The HolyIndia as part of the event they added. The new recruit should have the ability to get absorbed into the system smoothly by balancing his roles as a peer worker and as an assistant to the team leader. Reckoned to be the latest technique the surgery is completed with the insertion of meniscal arrows that are absorbed by the body within two months and this technique is said to be superior to the earlier method in which torn cartilages would be removed. It is in line with the Congress culture where credit goes to the head and blame is absorbed by the tail. The material was grounded to the size of 53 microns and diluted in the water which absorbed coloured substances of the water. The AID absorbed them into its fold and later took them to various smallscale units of its SHGs in Omalur and Yercaud in Salem and a few villages in Dharmapuri districts where from camphor and silver anklets to silk weaving and readymade garments were being manufactured and marketed. Ashok Kumar pointed out that pigmy deposit collectors who passed a bank examination were absorbed as clerks or substaff until the formation of the Banking Services Recruitment Board.