absorb meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
absorb meaning in tamil is கிரகித்தல், உறிஞ்சு

absorb meaning in tamil with example

absorb tamil meaning and more example for absorb will be given in tamil.
Kiran Karnik said while the employment in the IT sector was set to cross the three million mark from existing one million by 2010 questions were being raised about the capabilities of Indian cities to absorb the rapid growth. Upon closure of the transaction based on the requirements and performance Jet Airways shall absorb suitable employees according to the statement. Seeking to export molasses to others States and countries with the aim of possible quick additional revenue for a handful of cooperatives would only send a negative signal that the State was not able to absorb the increased production. Dr.Viswanathan said that several multinational companies who were eager to absorb young Indian professionals were finding it difficult to select required number of candidates as the fresh graduates lack in communication and presentation skills. Dhoni made it at the right time and could absorb the pressures of the game well and presented himself with great maturity. The exhibition also sheds light on how artists from Gods own country absorb changing realities and make them a part of their working and stylistic processes. Patel said both the consortia had given a written commitment to absorb 60 per cent of the AAI employees as against the minimum requirement of 40 per cent. The two successful bidders have agreed to absorb 60 per cent of the AAI staff though the Government had mandated that they need to absorb only 40 per cent of the workforce. The board also promised to consider the plea of contract lecturers in TTD educational institutions to absorb them.