absolve meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
absolve meaning in tamil is பாவம், குற்றம்

absolve meaning in tamil with example

absolve tamil meaning and more example for absolve will be given in tamil.
Since it stands proved that the victim was below 16 years of age at the time of commission of offence hence even if it is assumed that she was a consenting party it will not absolve the accused from the henious offence observed Additional Sessions Judge J M Malik. Bansals resignation alone from the chairmanship of the Parliamentary Committee does not absolve him of the charges of having recommended Rs. Her attempts to tie Him to a mortar with the aim of putting a full stop to His mischief were foiled by a twoinch deficit in the ropes she used and finally was managed because He allowed Himself to be bound thereby implying the need to absolve ones ego. Doctors version Though ignorance of the law would not absolve one of violations Dr. Inasmuch as what was declared unconstitutional by the Court in the present case was the Presidential notification one cannot absolve the Presidents office of constitutional responsibility. New Delhi cannot absolve itself of its responsibility by getting King Gyanendra to make some ambiguous offers. Aiyappa suggested that a resolution be passed to absolve the councillors of the charges of demolishing structures on College Road. The police counsel should also have been alert whenever the attendance of the accused was recorded in the court said a senior police officer adding that the investigating officer Surender Sharma also could not absolve himself by claiming that whatever he did was at his seniors instance. His very enlightenment is able to absolve him of the consequences of his actions for he has already relinquished any attachment to the fruit of his deeds.