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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
absolute meaning in tamil is 1) முழுமையான, பூரண. 2) தூய, கலவாத 3) நிபந்தனையற்ற 4) மொத்தம்,

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A diehard optimist Vivek also complains about the lack of political will Never before have we seen such absolute dearth of political will to save our forests and animals. Moreover as the editorial correctly points out absolute security is simply not possible and it will be yet another instance of merely addressing the symptoms and not the root of terrorism. The Congress which had absolute majority in the last panchayat managed to win only 19 of the 36 seats this time. It is a technique by which a thermal camera is used to measure and view infrared radiation emitted by all objects which have a temperature above absolute zero. Valiya Perunnaal which honours Prophet Ibrahims absolute surrender to God by agreeing to sacrifice his only son Ismayils life 4000 years ago was celebrated by over eight million Muslims in the State on Tuesday. While describing the uniqueness of Krishna Avatar she stresses the Absolute nature of the Lord and of the epoch making night of His birth. The Lord instructed Arjuna to rise above the linear perspective of life and view the entire world from the absolute standpoint. By then the film has us all in a thrall that would be have been absolute had there been slightly tighter editing in the second half and Mahesh Manjrekar not hammed up his act of Dutts friend yet again. It is learned that both Milma and Vanilco have reached an understanding on the price of absolute vanillin extract. Nepals royal Government imposed a dawntodusk curfew in the capital on Friday put top Opposition leaders under house arrest and detained some 200 prodemocracy activists to derail plans for a massive protest against the Kings seizure of absolute power nearly a year ago.