absentee meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
absentee meaning in tamil is சமூகம் தராதவர், வராதவர்

absentee meaning in tamil with example

absentee tamil meaning and more example for absentee will be given in tamil.
Deve Gowda in Delhi The most conspicuous absentee was H.D. Deve Gowda. Since he took over the marine corps Absentee Collection Centre in 2004 chief warrant officer James Averhart has reopened cold cases and claims to have tracked down 33 deserters. Jeffers a leader with the Industrial Areas Foundation IAF who moved from New Orleans to Houston after Katrina schlepped through the unforgiving Houston heat distributing food and signing up evacuees for their absentee ballots. They included the pathbreaking land reforms amendment Act that gave land to the tiller and freed labourers from the stranglehold of absentee landlords. While 21 States switched over to VAT from April 2005 and five Bharatiya Janata Partyruled States joined them this April Tamil Nadu remains one notable absentee in the VAT system of taxation he said. Due to adjournments the absentee members had also violated the rule to clear all issues before the panel within 15 days he added. What must cause discomfort to the TDP is that it began the campaign to oust him when the Deputy Mayor harangued against absentee members of the Standing Committee recently. Tax exemption for farm income did not help the bulk of the farmers tenants and tillers who had no taxable surplus but benefited only rich farmers and absentee landlords and also served as a conduit for laundering black money he added.