absent meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
absent meaning in tamil is வராத

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absent tamil meaning and more example for absent will be given in tamil.
Only the absent New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming who scored 90 on debut 12 years ago has posted a higher score in his first oneday match for New Zealand. The strict and disciplined product development culture that other Asian nations such as Taiwan Japan and China excel in is largely absent in India. True a coalition government produces its own weaknesses but these handicaps have been converted into infirmities because three key features remain absent from Team Manmohan an undisputed leader a temperamentally compatible team and a clearcut game plan. Rafiq entered into an altercation with the official Subbarayudu who marked him absent for not attending duties. Despite of this smiles are absent on the faces of landless coolies as they are not getting enough employment because of the large scale invasion of the harvest machines in the district. The first row of chairs reserved for legislators from the district was vacant and even politicians who make it a point to take part in such functions were absent this time. Pandey absent In fact UP missed the leftarm spin of the seasoned allrounder Gyanendra Pandey who did not take the field all day since he was nursing a boil on his palm. The legislature party leader would be asked to issue notice to tem for being absent without permission. In a recent experiment however the Government asked all schools to start reporting to the local authorities if any students were absent for an extended period of time. The staff of the Alandur Municipality who used to spray disinfectants liquid form in all the streets are conspicuously absent these days.