absence meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
absence meaning in tamil is ஆஜரின்மை, இல்லாமை, அஜாக்கிரதை

absence meaning in tamil with example

absence tamil meaning and more example for absence will be given in tamil.
At one stage they were warned that continued absence would attract the provisions of relevant rules. But due to constant wave action and absence of a protective mechanism the sea has encroached into the land. The coral reefs and mangroves are capable of fortifying the shores by arresting the intensity of rough waves including tsunamis. Christensen refers to this as competing against nonconsumption pointing to the opportunity that companies derive to define a new segment and grow it profitably in the absence of competitors. In 1992 for instance the absence of quality broadcasting content in India led to an explosion in channels once the cable television industry was liberalised. While a few clubs had roped in stars to entertain the crowds hotel guests made up for the absence of big names in several hotels in the city. However 28 members including the local MP Pawan Kumar Bansal cast their votes in the absence of two nominated members. Burglaries Burglars struck at three areas in the city taking advantage of the absence of residents who were celebrating the New Year elsewhere. Earlier in the year he had told a Swiss paper that while a million Armenians had been killed in Turkey at the time of World War I and 30000 Kurdish separatists had lost their lives in the past two decades nobody but me dares to talk about it. The absence of such daring is easily explained. In early 2005 WiCell scientists reported that they were able to culture stem cells in the absence of mouse cells the most commonly used animal product in stem cell culture systems.