abrasive meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abrasive meaning in tamil is உராய்வுப்பொருள்

abrasive meaning in tamil with example

abrasive tamil meaning and more example for abrasive will be given in tamil.
Carborundum Universal has informed the Bombay Stock Exchange that the company had acquired the business of Abrasive Enterprise a closed held company at Summerside Canada. AEI manufacturer convertor of coated abrasives and other abrasive products is exporting its products to North American markets. With this acquisition CUMI is well placed to exploit the large North American markets with its range of bonded and coated abrasive products. Munaf Patel swung it Irish in the second Test where reverse was a consequence of an abrasive wicket there is little doubt swing towards the shine will show itself here. The old track used to have a very abrasive surface which caused a lot of graining problems with the tyres. Germany had succeeded primarily in being abrasive and it accepted the price of that with Borowski and Christoph Metzelder booked for tackles from behind before an hour had gone by. Only two nations with so much shared history could engender a rivalry so deep that it seems to touch and expose their essence an extension by other means of their intimate but often abrasive relationship 151 social political cultural.