abound meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abound meaning in tamil is நிரம்பியிரு, மிகுதியாகப் பெற்றிரு, பெருகு

abound meaning in tamil with example

abound tamil meaning and more example for abound will be given in tamil.
Visitors abound the place more for deriving peace than enjoy the meagre facilities that are available there. Disinformation and plants abound and much brashness of the publishandbedamned variety sometimes with pretensions to playing God. The truth is that they did not seem like real people who I could love. Similar sentiments abound in Chhatkadiitself. Not only the traffic islands but also the pedestrian walks abound with domestic industrial waste and sewage. Bezwada Bar Association general secretary Dyva Prasad said such events would serve as eyeopener for youngsters who were fighting the temptations that abound the world at every step. Kongu Vellala Gounders Mudaliars and Dalits abound while other social stratifications too have a sprinkling. Stories abound among season ticket passengers about the legendary late running of trains including that of the train that managed to appear miraculously on time only to be discovered that it was to have arrived the day before. But the question is can the Government find enough fallow land in all areas especially the Cauvery delta districts which abound in agricultural labour who may expect the benefit first. Youth can exploit opportunities that abound in society only when they are empowered through education. Cases abound Ask any woman out there. Areas such as Chamundeshwarinagar Indiranagar Azadnagar Tyagarajanagar abound with houses on hillocks. Print media abound in surveys and opinion polls about amorousextramarital propensities of the people as also eyecatching visuals of scantily dressedsensually depicted models film stars etc.