abortion meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abortion meaning in tamil is கருக்கலைப்பு

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abortion tamil meaning and more example for abortion will be given in tamil.
The beneficiaries will receive Rs 2000 in the form of cheque for delivery spontaneous abortion or medical termination of pregnancy he said adding that there was no need to produce birth certificate for availing monetary benefits under the scheme. Bush was a step closer to his goal of tilting the Supreme Court further to the right on abortion and other issues on Tuesday after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve the nomination of conservative judge Samuel Alito. The law which would ban nearly all abortions was signed into law on Monday by a Republican Governor Mike Rounds who embraced the ban with the intention of provoking a direct challenge to legalised abortion across the country. He and other abortion opponents argue that the time is ripe for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe versus Wade the 1973 decision that granted a womans right to abortion. However these fake doctors thrive mostly in rural and inaccessible areas and make quick bucks in poison and abortion cases. Sex selective abortion is a matter of concern and the need of the hour is to check the rampant use of ultrasound machines. In one of the raids in February in Dombivli the decoy was seven months pregnant and the doctor was willing to perform an abortion in case the foetus was a girl. Clandestine sex selective abortion by a section of medical community has been the major reason for the declining female sex ratio. A study conducted by the Campaign Against Sex Selective Abortion CASSA in association with the Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association TNVHA and the Social Movement Against Female Infant Mortality SMAFIM revealed that female foeticide was more rampant in urban as well as rural areas.