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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abort meaning in tamil is ௮ழி

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The victims condition deteriorated after the accused teacher had allegedly given her some medicine to clandestinely abort the foetus. We have deferred it as our central leadership feared for the lives of our workers following reports that the administration was planning severe steps with the help of paramilitary forces to abort the agitation he added. The women activists provided a list of doctors mentioning that while 19 of them had agreed to abort the foetus after sex determination one had identified the sex and tried to abort and another had asked for more money to disclose the sex of the unborn child. As per the report women activists submitted a memorandum to the appropriate authority under the PreNatal Diagnostic Techniques Regulation and Prevention of Misuse Act 1994 alleging that 19 of the 21 doctors agreed to abort the foetus after sex determination. Under social pressure women continued to abort female foetuses and the sex ratio in some States had reached appalling levels. Castros personal security team carried out their own checks on the scene and helped to abort the plot. In some parts of the country parents are choosing to abort if it is a girl child as a result young men in Punjab and Haryana were finding it hard to find brides. Beaches in the resort were quieter than usual on Monday as many people decided to stay in their hotels and some began making plans to abort their holiday. A protest demonstration by members of the Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituencies MPTCs turned violent on Saturday as the police resorted to a mild lathicharge to abort their rally to the State Secretariat in support of their demands.