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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abominable meaning in tamil is சகிக்க முடியாத, வெறுக்கத்தக்க

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Assuming that the occurrence of such abominable clashes on and off the field is a reflection of the afflictions of our society there is still an element of purity left in sport. Patterson Edward during routine underwater study had found that coral species around Mandapam group of Islands and Tuticorin group of Islands in the region have started bleaching owing to abominable heat. The fact that they are from institutions and have no family to stand up for them is also worrying. Said Jayshree Raveendran executive director Ability Foundation This in many ways excuses the abominable phrase deaf and dumb which we are always trying to combat. Declining to show any mercy to Surender and his mother Chanderwati Additional Sessions Judge ASJ Rajender Kumar said Such abominable incidents are verily indelible blots on human civilisation and courts cannot remain passive to this horrendous social evil. Should they not act before it is too late to save the vendors and consumers from this abominable condition. A copy of the MLAs report made available to this correspondent blamed the police for having indulged in such an abominable act with casteist feelings and with a motive to bring disrepute to the government. Narsipura used to the abominable practice of animal sacrifice to mark religious occasion have given up the tradition. That even five years after the pogrom 151 an indelible blot on the country 151 the victims live in abominable conditions and under constant threat is a matter of shame.