abolition meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abolition meaning in tamil is அழித்தல், நீக்குதல்

abolition meaning in tamil with example

abolition tamil meaning and more example for abolition will be given in tamil.
Murthy suggested abolition of the Endowments Department which exercised undue control over Hindu temples and properties. Shanta Magsaysay Award winner and Executive Chairman Cancer Institute Chennai on Friday advocated abolition of compartmentalisation in education on a nonacademic basis without overlooking the special needs of the underprivileged sections of society. Universal basic education to enable people to understand vital parameters of democratic and corruptionfree government national discipline to make people to appreciate their responsibilities and abolition of compartmentalisation in education. The abolition of TADA and POTA maintaining a porous border with Bangladesh talk of peace with a neighbour carrying a concealed dagger and according undue importance to the Hurriyat are all moves that have hurt India. Abbas K.M Ernakulam Form Kozhikode division The following demands should be prioritised formation of Kozhikode division and enlargement of the Palakkad division and abolition of the Salem division. After abolition of a quota system Indian exports of fine yarn registered a considerable increase while the modern jet looms and auto looms too stepped up their consumption to the detriment of handlooms. Anshuman Singh former Governor of Rajasthan said the voluntary organisations could play a significant role in the abolition of child labour. Reacting to the Chief Ministers accusation that the PMK was adopting double standards on the abolition of CET for admission to professional colleges party leader S.