abnormality meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abnormality meaning in tamil is இயற்கைக்கு மாறான நிலை, அசாதாரணம்

abnormality meaning in tamil with example

abnormality tamil meaning and more example for abnormality will be given in tamil.
Rahul was born with the rare abnormality known as Exomphalos Major which had at least 90 per cent of the liver and almost 30 per cent of the intestine sticking out of the stomach and covered with a very thin sack. It said nine in 1000 children are born with congenital heart abnormality and that eight of 10 could lead a normal life if timely correction is done. Any abnormality within the distribution system will be immediately reported to the control centre and this would result in very high operational efficiency. The albino crow as it was affected by albinism an abnormality with the lack of pigmentation cells in its body was taken to the aviary maintained at the Udayagiri Fort near Thuckalay. Even though most of the models across the world were predicting that the abnormality might go up but would remain below the threshold limit of 0.5 degrees Celsius through the entire season the spread of the forecast indicated uncertainty. Umme Kulsoom from Pakistanleft who was operated for a congenital abnormality called ptosis at Rajan Eye Care Hospital Chennai with her mother. Despite such documented proof the author has asserted The stamp of criminality serves the purpose of declaring abnormality and thereby preventing young people from becoming victim to this abnormality. Her abnormality argument lacks substantiated proof. Those found suffering from these problems and also vascular malformations abnormality in the external genitalia and abdominal pain urinary incontinence obstructive uropathy leading to renal damage would be advised surgery.