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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ablaze meaning in tamil is எரிந்துகொண்டு, கொழுந்து விட்டு எரியும் நிலையில்)

ablaze meaning in tamil with example

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Vithal said the two girls doused themselves with kerosene and set themselves ablaze apparently unable to bear the torture and humiliation Kukatpally SI Jyothi Laxmi said. Tulasamma and Kavita sustained 95 per cent and 55 per cent burns after setting themselves ablaze on Friday in their hut at Kukatpally when Bhojappa allegedly beat them up for the recovery of the two gold rings. Gopal Kishan Kashyap president of the local Rajiv Gandhi Parontha Rehri Association set himself ablaze near the main bus stand. The incident in Patiala the hometown of Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh where leader of a hawkers organisation set himself ablaze in full public view earlier this week is all set to become a major political issue especially as the State prepares for the Assembly polls in about a year. It may be recalled that the family hailing from Nandyal attempted suicide by setting themselves ablaze allegedly due to pressure from certain leaders to quit the post of temple committee chief. A 25yearold woman committed suicide by setting herself ablaze following a quarrel with her husband at their residence in Lalithadripura in the city on Tuesday. Moreover to spice it all up will come professional dancers who will set the stage ablaze with their performance. Police said bandh supporters also set ablaze two vehicles and damaged a number of vehicles including buses run by the Assam State Transport Corporation ASTC in different parts of the city. Selfimmolation A girl committed suicide by setting herself ablaze in the bathroom on Tuesday.