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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abductor meaning in tamil is கடத்திச் செல்பவர், கடத்தற்காரன்

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Kuznetsova has played this week with a heavy wrap over a hip abductor strain that forced her to retire during a semifinal last week at Amelia Island and she has also been putting ice packs on her right elbow after matches. In a press release here the DGPs office said the abductor had forced the boy to work as a server in Chennai. On enquiry the abductor told the police that one of the petitioners an autorickshaw driver had taken the girl away. A police team reached the bus station and found a cell phone which could have fallen out of the pocket of one of the abductorsand by showing the photographs available in the cell phone to Alivelu the police identified the abductor as Nageswara Rao brother of Alivelus sisterinlaw. Mary told the police that the abductor clad in blue salwar kameez was of dark complexion 5 feet in height and carried a handbag and mobile phone. The woman abductor identified as Sujata turned out to be the mastermind in a welloiled baby sale racket.