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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abattoir meaning in tamil is இறைச்சிக்காக விலங்குகள் கொல்லப்படும் இடம், கசாப்புக் களம்

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Significantly initially the hitech abattoir was to come up at 200yearold Idgah and was later shift to Ghazipur after the Supreme Courts intervention. We pour phenoyl on the carcass to make it inedible and charge the offenders under the Public Nuisance Act but the practice of not slaughtering the animal in the abattoir continues admits an official. The waste including flesh that is washed off from the abattoir flows through the drain putting the residents in trouble. A modern abattoir constructed at Chengicherla by the Andhra Pradesh State Meat and Poultry Development Corporation APSMPDC was supposed to meet needs of capital in supplying hygienic certified meat. The abattoir was to replace the work which was earlier done by manual slaughterhouses located at Ziaguda Ramanasthapura Gowlipura Amberpet and New Bhoiguda to cut down pollution levels in these areas. 11 crores State Government Rs. 5.5 crores the Airports Authority of India AAI Rs. 5.5 crores and rest from assets sale of APSMPDC equipping it with latest machinery and building staff quarters godowns etc the abattoir is facing a bleak future. The number of animals brought to modern abattoir for slaughter is dipping each day as more bovines sheep and goats are being cut and ferried away to the market from places like Ziaguda Ramanasthapura and others unlawfully without regulations as officials look other way. A special meeting of the Mangalore City Corporation Council convened on Wednesday to discuss the issue of a new abattoir remained inconclusive as members sought more details.