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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abate meaning in tamil is குறை

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For the time being the authorities concerned are trying to relocate the bus stops and see whether to abate the problem at least temporarily. The project aims to abate the pollution of the Pampa river which is considered the lifeline of Central Travancore region. The Board has failed to understand the grave need to abate pollution in the Pampa which devotees consider a holy river he says. The officials were not mixing abate solution in water bodies regularly to kill the larvae of Aedes Aegypti which too caused a rise in mosquito population. Even as viral fever arthritis medical terminology for chikungunya is still to abate completely fevers and bouts of malaria are on the upsurge thanks to the weather changes. They alleged that abate solution was not mixed periodically in the water bodies and thermofogging was not carried out properly to control the breeding of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes which cause chikungunya. Padmanabhan said every health subcentre would be manned by a team which would visit each and every house between Monday and Saturday to pour abate in water sources for six weeks continuously. If the Corporation finds that the dumping at Brahmapuram causes any pollution or nuisances it shall take proper steps to abate such difficulties caused to the public. However the Meteorological Department said the cold wave conditions prevailing in parts of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh would abate by Tuesday.