abandon meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
abandon meaning in tamil is கைவிடு, விட்டுவிடு

abandon meaning in tamil with example

abandon tamil meaning and more example for abandon will be given in tamil.
If only the BJP were to abandon its communal and religious orientation it could emerge as a credible conservative alternative in the Indian political arena. Both Shamir and Harshat were caught when they transported the body and tried to abandon it in a forest. Thursdays attack came immediately after calls by the international community to the Tamil to abandon violence and resume peace talks. How can you expect a smaller company to abandon its existing location and shift to SEZs which involves a lot of cost and logistics he asked. Annie Thomas Kottakal Thrissur MPs should play proactive role Rather than urge the Railway Ministry to chart out the priority list for Kerala we should force them to abandon the stepmotherly treatment meted out to us. Inaugurating the meeting Chief Minster Oommen Chandy said that at present the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation KSRTC was running at a loss but the State Government was aware of its social responsibility and would not abandon the corporation. The authorities who grant registration under the KVAT Act demand huge amounts towards security from dealers for granting registration which often drives genuine dealers with limited resources to abandon getting registration under the KVAT Act according to Balagopala B. Against this backdrop why could not the Congress high command persuade the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister to abandon the proposal. Stepping up pressure on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Tamil to abandon violence U.S. UnderSecretary of State Nicholas Burns on Monday described it as a reprehensive terrorist group which was keeping the country on the edge of war. Mr.