worn meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
worn meaning in tamil is பழுதான, தேய்ந்த

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worn tamil meaning and more example for worn will be given in tamil.
Though the fabric has often fallen out of favour it has takers in artists thinkers and philosophers so much so that a khadi kurta worn with denim has almost become a mark of an intellectual. The emergency and outdoor patients department had worn a deserted look for all these days when the junior doctors had abstained themselves from their duties. The concrete road relaid with a waterresistant chemical mix has worn off due to constant seepage of water from the tank and heavy traffic. Unveiling his springsummer 2006 collection Jattinn Kochhar promises that his latest work is unlike anything we have seen or worn before. All this is to ensure that worn out tarred pits on the roads do not hinder smooth flow of traffic Mr. More provocation ensued in the form of a Tshirt carrying the Prophets caricature worn by an Italian rightwing Minister. An unusual display is the reproduction of quilted helmet thought to have been worn by Tipu Sultan and was made in Mysore. The shoe worn by Tipu Sultan and preserved at the Powis Castle Welsford Wales is depicted in one of the wall hangings. One does not know the origins of another intriguing artefact described as the Hawking Ring supposedly worn by Tipu Sultan. The hot and dry climate was both familiar and a great neutral backdrop to the magnificent turbans and saris worn by the villagers. In cochlear implant an internal component will be planted and an external component will be worn over the ear. Even gemstones and metals are prescribed to be worn by a few to heal certain ailments or ward off problems in life.