workload meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
workload meaning in tamil is வேலைச் சுமை

workload meaning in tamil with example

workload tamil meaning and more example for workload will be given in tamil.
Senior corporator Mahabala Maarla said the programme will ease the workload of corporation authorities and will hasten procedures. Muralikrishna however says that the semester system clearly enhances the workload of the teachers and the management. They alleged that the remuneration given to guest lecturers has not been raised since the past six years though their workload has increased owing to introduction of the semester system. This approach would help in reducing the existing workload on the PGI besides optimising health manpower and infrastructural facilities available in other hospitals. Yet given the state of the pitches in Pakistan and the resultant workload on the bowlers the thinktank had to drop either Ganguly who just made the cut in Lahore or Yuvraj Singh to accommodate the extra bowler. Waugh also told the paper that McGrath was a bowler who needed a heavy workload and said Ponting as captain should not be rested when Australia was still chasing a finals berth in the series. The cost incurred is not much according to officials if the workload and manpower used for revaluations are taken into account. 2000 a month for outsourcing faculty is finding it tough to do justice to quality despite sharing the workload itself. There is no question of the workload increasing because we too used Wasim Akram similarly in the late 1980s and it did not hamper his bowling at all. Inaugurating the 9th State conference of the Kerala Electricity Officers Federation here on Friday he said the workload on employees had increased as the Government has stopped recruitments.