working meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
working meaning in tamil is செயல்லகிறதா

working meaning in tamil with example

working tamil meaning and more example for working will be given in tamil.
The central committee of the CPI Mat its recent meeting had said that the overall direction of the UPA Government was not in favour of working people and the poor and called for a change in the direction of economic policies. In all 35 Indian workers from the State who were working in a hospitality company in the United Arab Emirates UAE under difficult circumstances had returned to the country thanks to the intervention of the Indian Embassy. Subsequently 39 workers from the same company met the Indian Ambassador on September 25 and pleaded for regularisation of their visas labour card and health card as they had been working since 2003 without these documents he said. The Embassy immediately took up the issue with the management of the company which informed that since the workers had been working illegally there were heavy penalties involved. Of the remaining four workers one preferred to withdraw the complaint as he desired to continue working in the same company and three were undergoing the onemonth sentence and were expected to be freed towards the end of this month he said. Members of the Andhra Pradesh United Teachers Federation will stage dharnas on January 7 to protest against scrapping of special compensatory allowance paid to teachers working in agency areas. Disincentive The allowance being implemented for 20 years was not part of the PRC 2005 recommendations he said adding that the decision to stop it would act as a disincentive to those working for the welfare of tribals.