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There will be persons of varied temperaments in a team and knitting them together into a workable group with common goals is not easy. In his programmes many specially created for corporate executives and employees Swami Sukhabodhananda stresses the fact that most people spend 80 per cent of their energies whining about their problems and only 20 per cent or even less on trying to find a workable solution. Part of making progress on this issue is for the Indian Government to present a workable plan that would separate the Indian civilian and military nuclear programmes. Scientific approach The speed increase on these stretches has certainly cheered up traffic policemen who have realised that a scientific approach will always provide a workable solution. The Prime Minister he said told him that the spectrum of dialogue would be widened to interact on one hand with Pakistan and on the other with various political parties and groups in the State to evolve a lasting and workable solution. Dikshit said the suggestions received from representatives of public schools and other organisations would definitely be considered while framing a workable policy on implementation of 25 per cent freeship in unaided schools in Delhi. Few among the secessionists have a workable vision for the future those who do are willing to risk the consequences of articulating one that does not have Pakistans approval. This is a dialogue of equals who promise to work together. He said the meeting would achieve historical importance only if we are able to unleash a process by which we can arrive at a workable blueprint that can help create a new chapter in Kashmir history.